340B Audit Readiness


 Are you ready for a HRSA Bizzell Group 340B audit?

Please fill out the form below to determine your 340B Audit Readiness.
340B Audit Ready Questionnaire
1. Is your covered entity prepared for HRSA’s Bizzell Group return to onsite 340B Audits [vs. virtual audits], which engage added scrutiny around 340B program registration, inventory management, program controls and staff knowledge? *
2. Has your team implemented a comprehensive compliance process that employs targeted patient-level testing, regular reviews of split-billing software filters, and drug utilization data feed integrity? *
3. Has your covered entity engaged an independent third party 340B audit in the past year and received an attestation that an external 340B audit was performed? *
4. Are you confident related staff (finance, pharmacy, informatics, internal audit) can articulate their knowledge and role in overseeing the 340B program, along with providing evidence of an enterprise-wide approach with supporting documentation such as 340B Steering Committee minutes? *
5. Are your 340B Policies & Procedures up to date? As a 340b hospital, do your policies and procedures address updated guidance around provider-based offsite locations not yet listed on the most recent Medicare Cost Report, material breach threshold monitoring, and drug-specific treatment of Non-Covered Outpatient Drugs (“NCOD’s”)? *