340B Analyst

340B Analyst Job Description

Position Summary

The 340B Analyst supports 340B Auditors and Consultants throughout the audit process by performing work steps evaluating components of the covered entity’s eligibility, program policies and procedures, qualification methods, purchasing practices, and OPAIS registration approach. The 340B Analyst also conducts routine internal audit activities for covered entities, purchasing reviews, and other related tasks as needed.  

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist Auditors and Consultants throughout the 340B external audit process

  • Complete work steps to prepare data and documentation for the 340B external audit

  • Evaluate audit data submitted by covered entities for completeness

  • Compare location crosswalks to OPAIS registrations and working trial balance

  • Assess purchase accounts, invoices, and purchase histories

  • Review and interpret Medicaid state billing requirements for FFS and MCO’s

  • Compare Medicaid Exclusion File to Medicaid claims

  • Evaluate Medicaid claims for compliance with state billing requirements

  • Review policies and procedures for essential elements

  • Select appropriate targeted samples for the audit

  • Perform other data analyses as needed

  • Communicate findings to the Auditors and Consultants in the requested manner

  • Compile audit findings into the audit report format

  • Complete documentation and notes in the audit checklist during 340B audits

  • Conduct routine internal audits for covered entities

  • Assist covered entities in routine review of purchases

  • Perform other 340B related tasks as needed

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Minimum  Preferred 
Apexus 340B University  Apexus ACE Certification 
High school diploma or GED equivalent  Further education or training
1 year 340B experience 3 or more years experience in the 340B field
Previous 340B analyst role

Preferred Skills and Knowledge

340B program knowledge  Verbal and written communication
Analytical skills Organization and planning
Microsoft Excel Time management
Self-motivated Ability to work independently
Pharmacy and purchasing knowledge Epic EMR
Critical thinking TPA system settings
Customer service Teamwork
Attention to detail Problem solving


Additional Notes

This is an entry level position with opportunities to advance to 340B Auditor or Consultant roles.