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Alinea Teams Up with Cloudmed for 340B Webinar

Mar 28, 2023

Cloudmed hosted its 340B Insider LIVE Webinar on Wednesday, March 22nd. Alinea Group’s Magdalena Ordon and Curtis Frazier joined as 340B subject matter panelists to discuss program compliance and optimization. A few of the featured topics included:

  • Learning from HRSA audit activity – review recent trends, what to expect, how to stay proactive and maintain compliance
  • Interpreting the patient definition – discuss facts from recent audit activity, what some CEs are considering and recommendations for implementing changes
  • Optimizing through major conversions – examine effects of EMR and TPA transitions on 340B programs, to effectively prepare and minimize disruption to compliance and savings

 If you weren’t able to join this webinar, watch the recording here. Let us know if you’d like to connect, or ask any questions.

About Cloudmed, an R1 company
340B Recovery is a technology-enabled service that helps covered entities compliantly capture more 340B savings by identifying missed prescriptions written by both eligible and referred-to providers. Learn more here or email for questions.