340B Auditor

340B Auditor Job Description

Position Summary

The 340B Auditor conducts the audit process and collaborates with 340B Analysts while performing work steps evaluating components of the covered entity’s eligibility, program policies and procedures, qualification methods, purchasing practices, and OPAIS registration approach. The 340B Auditor also conducts routine internal audit activities for covered entities, purchasing reviews, and other related tasks as needed.  

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct the 340B external audit process

  • Engage clients by email in preparation for upcoming audits

  • Provide client with instructions and explanations of data expectations

  • Perform an audit kick-off call to understand the client’s 340B program

  • Plan and set deadlines for the audit process

  • Maintain a project management tracking board for each audit

  • Routinely assess progress and communicate outstanding data elements

  • Collaborate with 340B Analysts to complete audit work steps

  • Evaluate audit work steps completed by 340B Analysts for completeness and accuracy

  • Perform audit work steps and data analyses as needed

  • Select appropriate targeted samples for the audit

  • Conduct patient level testing of samples, evaluating each for diversion, or duplicate discount concerns

  • Interview covered entity staff regarding their program operations

  • Perform root cause analysis as to why diversion or duplicate discount may have occurred

  • Provide education to client throughout the 340B audit process

  • Suggest resources or changes to client internal audit process as appropriate

  • Relay information regarding the current HRSA audit process and potential changes

  • Request and evaluate follow-ups from the client as needed

  • Collaborate with editing team to draft the 340B audit report

  • Recommend appropriate corrective actions and assist client with implementation

  • Communicate with consultants and managing partners regarding potential issues or outstanding data

  • Maintain current 340B industry knowledge

  • Conduct routine internal audits for covered entities as needed

  • Assist covered entities in routine review of eligibility as needed

  • Perform other 340B related tasks as needed

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Minimum  Preferred 
Apexus 340B University  Apexus ACE Certification 
High school diploma or GED equivalent  Bachelors degree in related field 
Pharmacy experience  Pharmacy degree or technician certification 
5 years 340B experience  Previous 340B program management 
Previous audit experience   

Preferred Skills and Knowledge

340B program knowledge  Project management 
Leadership  Team oversight 
Client relations  Problem solving 
Time management  Customer service 
Verbal and written communication  Organization and planning 
Critical thinking  Quality Assessment 
Microsoft Excel  Performance Improvement 
Self-motivated  Collaboration 
Pharmacy and purchasing knowledge  Epic EMR 
Attention to detail  TPA system settings 
Analytical skills  Report writing 
Ability to work independently  Presentation skills 

Additional Notes

This is an intermediate position with the opportunity to further advance to 340B Consultant role.