December 16, 2021 - Lilly

07/01/2020 – Policy Notice

09/01/2020 – Policy Update

12/16/2021 – Policy Update

Can CE get 340B pricing if they share claims data?

Yes – 340B ESP

Are system owned contract pharmacies exempted from this policy?


Can CEs with no in-house pharmacy designate a contract pharmacy for 340B pricing access?


Drugs affected by this policy:

All Products (no exceptions)

Policy applies to what entity types?

All covered entity types (no exceptions)

Important FAQs/Information

For hospitals that register and provide data for Lilly’s NDCs via ESP on or before Mar. 15, 2022, Lilly will honor contract pharmacy replenishment purchases for prescriptions dispensed to eligible 340B patients on or after Oct. 29, 2021. Replenishment orders for prescriptions dispensed prior to Oct. 29, 2021 will not be honored. Starting on Mar. 16, 2022, all contract pharmacy replenishment orders for all hospitals registered with ESP will be honored for prescriptions dispensed to eligible 340B patients within 45 days of each data submission to ESP.

Any other Exceptions?

“Certain insulin products are exempted from this policy but certain conditions apply:
– Point of sle price has to be equal to the 340B price
– No mark up fees of any kind can be charged to the patient
– No insurer or payor can be billed
(this exception only applies if the CE doesn’t decide to share data through 340B ESP). If CE is sharing the data then no conditions apply for insulin products