May 1, 2023 - Novartis

5/1/2023 – Policy Notice

10/30/2020 – Policy Notice

10/30/2020 – HRSA Response

Can CE get 340B pricing if they share claims data?


Are system owned contract pharmacies exempted from this policy?


Can CEs with no in-house pharmacy designate a contract pharmacy for 340B pricing access?

Yes (no mileage restriction)

Drugs affected by this policy:

All Products (no exceptions)

Policy applies to what entity types?

All covered entity types except for Grantees

Important FAQs/Information

This exception only applies to contract pharmacies that are more than 40 miles away from the parent location. Any contract pharmacies within 40 miles of the parent location can have unlimited access to Novartis products.

New Policy (5/3/23)- 40 mile radius rule does not apply any more. No CP access for Novartis products if the CE has a in-house pharmacy. CEs with no in-house pharmacy can designate one external CP (no mileage restriction)