July 1, 2023 - Novo Nordisk

12/01/2020 – Policy Notice

01/24/2022 – Policy Update

12/02/2022 – Policy Update

07/01/2023 – Policy Notice

Can CE get 340B pricing if they share claims data?

Yes but only limited to a max of 2 CP designations (one retail/one specialty) for all hospital CEs

Are system owned contract pharmacies exempted from this policy?

No (CEs can designate as many wholly owned pharmacies but data sharing is requiired)

Can CEs with no in-house pharmacy designate a contract pharmacy for 340B pricing access?

2 CP designations apply to CEs with or without in-house pharmacies

Drugs affected by this policy:

All Products (no exceptions)

Policy applies to what entity types?

Policy applies to hospitals covered entities only. Federal grantees are exempted from this policy.