Pharmacy Analytics


Pharmacy Analytics Platform

Data is power. When leveraged properly, it can give organizations a deeper understanding of theimpact operations can have on performance while equipping leaders with necessary timely details to make informed decisions.

Alinea’s pharmacy analytics platform is a smart, responsive solution focused on pharmacy risk and revenue enhancement for hospital business leaders.  Whether it’s growing your pharmacy business and optimizing existing pharmacy spend and net revenue, or closely managing 340B drug discount program compliance, you can use our data platform and pharmacy experts to determine the best step forward for your organization.

340B Program Sustainability

Tap into Alinea’s advanced analytics and 340B management solution to maintain ongoing 340B compliance and amplify 340B financial reach. Alinea offers 340B program support through a combination of data-driven tools and a robust team of 340B operational experts to bring clients a smarter, better way to protect and grow their pharmacy business. Our 340B Platform areas include:

Comprehensive 340B audit and compliance module focused on risk detection and prevention


340B Savings Loss Recovery and WAC Spend Reduction


Dedicated Alinea 340B Operations and Audit Support Experts to Complement Data Platform


HRSA audit data repository, support, and “jump plan”


Customized 340B Metrics Reporting and Opportunity Tracking

Pharmacy Revenue Optimization

Utilize Alinea’s data-driven platform to reduce pharmacy drug spend and realize additional pharmacy revenue. Our solution is focused on your bottom line. We drill down to identify spend and reimbursement improvement opportunities and integrate data-enabled tools for financial and operational advancement.

Price Parity

Ensure consistent, accurate contract pricing and fix price differences due to mismatches between contracted and invoice pricing.  Additionally, lower-costs based on NDC alternatives or sub-ceiling price opportunities


Predictive Pricing and Contract Negotiation

Anticipate future price changes and competitive intelligence to access improved pharmacy spend and support for improved contractuals


Biosimilars Optimization

Utilize tools to Increase biosimilar uptake and reference product selection to reduce costs and maximize net revenue across government and commercial payers


Contract Compliance

Analyses, retrospective recovery, and ongoing monitoring of earned rebates based on contract terms

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