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Expert Consulting for Healthcare Organizations

The Alinea Group (Alinea) provides management consulting services to the country’s leading healthcare organizations with a focus in pharmacy enterprise solutions. We are trusted advisors who specialize in helping our clients overcome operational challenges, assess and mitigate regulatory risk, and engage innovative strategies to unlock new opportunities for growth.

A results-centered consultancy, the Alinea Group focuses on:


Maximizing Growth


Minimizing Risks


Managing Complexities for Pharmacy Enterprise Systems

Our team understands pharmacy operations and regulations that impact how they work and grow.


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Join Alinea’s Pharmacy Chargemaster and Pricing experts to gain perspective on the latest requirements, impacts, and strategies to maintain pricing and compliance practices in 2022.

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The Future of 340B: Alinea’s Co-Founder Keith Chop Shares Perspective

The past year has been one unlike any other. As facilities are navigating new territories, it’s important to stay on top of all statuses and requirements. We sat down with Keith Chop, co-founder of Alinea Group and Managing Partner at our Indianapolis office. Keith is passionate about consulting, and he shares some of his insight about what the next year might look like.  Check out our Expert Perspective interview with Keith. 

Maximize Revenue With Alinea at Your Lead

Our team understands your challenges, workflow, and ways to grow your operational revenue. We have worked in the pharmacy management consulting space for more than 25 years. As pioneers of the Pharmacy Operational Enhancement (“POE”), 340B, and Specialty Pharmacy Service Teams at Ernst & Young, LLP, and Navigant Consulting, Inc., our value is rooted in reputation.

Minimize Risk with Trusted Advice

We deliver services to improve your pharmacy operation. We help your organization best leverage the 340B Program from audit to implementation and ongoing advisory. Our audit assistance is comprehensive, addressing patient eligibility, “cherry picking” and diversion, GPO adherence, charge capture issues, purchasing strategies, split billing software efficacy, replenishment “workarounds,” regulatory interpretation, maintenance and monitoring procedures, and Medicaid pricing requirements.

Manage Complexities with Strategy and Data

At Alinea, we see strategy as an irrefutable foundation. Our process identifies impending regulatory changes, evolving demographics, and opportunities to enhance your brand with exceptional care, patient convenience, and market synergies. We approach strategy thoughtfully, gathering insights and perspective based on experience and quantitative measures designed for reporting flexibility. Our data experts play an invaluable role to support your overall strategy by anticipating data trends and patterns.


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